KeithHi All, My name’s Keith and I’ve been collecting coins since I first found a funny looking penny in my Grandpa’s coin jar. It was a 1943 zinc penny, and while not a rare or valuable coin, I thought it was pretty cool. My grandfather let me keep it (after checking to make sure it wasn’t valuable, I’m sure) and I brought it to school for show and tell. My classmates thought it was a pretty cool coin too and thus began my lifetime hobby of coin collecting.

What I like about searching for valuable coins is that you just never know where they’re going to turn up. My preferred method of coin collecting is buying in bulk from estate sales and garage sales. I love that feeling you get in your stomache when you start sifting through an unknown pile of coins, not knowing what might turn up.

Anyhow, hope you enjoy my site and learn a thing or two about valuable coins. If you want to send me a note use the contact form or add me on Google +. Thanks!

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Keith Obersk

My name's Keith and I started valuableworldcoins.com to learn and write about the coolest coins in the world. Thanks for reading.

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