Silver Panda Coins

Silver Panda Coin

Silver Panda Coin

In 1982 collectors around the world were first introduced to the a series of gold bullion coins which were to be known as the Chinese Gold Panda Coins. These coins were produced by the People’s Republic of China. The detailed workmanship made these coins instant favorites among collectors.

Each of the coins was painstakingly crafted to meet the highest manufacturing standards. The combination of detailed artwork, precious metal content and physical beauty made these panda coins an especially coveted acquisition.

The following year China expanded the series with the addition of the nation’s first silver panda coins. During the past twenty years these silver bullion panda’s have become increasingly popular among both collectors and investors. They are chosen for their obvious investment potential, offered as gifts and prized for their overall appeal.

The debut edition of these silver panda coins proved to be exceedingly popular. This was quite interesting when you consider the fact that the coins were produced with silver that was only listed as .900 instead of the standard .999 that is used for most other silver bullion coins.

Silver panda coins are unique symbols that embrace the culture, mystique and history of the Asian nation. The silhouette of the beloved panda bear is featured on the front of the coin and a depiction of China’s Temple of Heaven is shown on the reverse side. The 2013 coins are the first to have three panda silhouettes displayed.

The coin features a different design each year which makes them more desirable to many collectors. It is always more interesting to try and collect a complete set of coins when each is different. Today these “silver pandas” are also recognized as legitimate Chinese currency. Pandas are the official silver bullion coin for the People’s Republic of China and can be quickly converted into another form of Chinese currency.

Although they can be purchased in smaller or larger denominations the typical silver panda coin is currently designated as 10 yuan. The silver content (.999) is verified at one troy ounce and the diameter of the coin is 40 millimeters. These silver panda coins were more inconsistent during the first three years of issuance 1983-1985. During these years the coins had a smaller diameter, contained a smaller percentage of silver and were less than a full troy ounce in weight.

In earlier years the silver pandas were limited to 10,000 coins annually. Today there are many more coins that are minted each year. The value of the coins is dependent on the current spot price for silver/gold; year issued; silver content; weight of coin and the overall condition. Some of these silver panda coins are now selling for thousands of dollars yet they may have been purchased for $25 or less.

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