Swiss Gold Franc

The Swiss Gold Franc coin is a type of money used as legal tender in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and some areas of Italy. There are also other areas of Europe that do not formally accept the coin but is still widely used. This type of franc is the only one still in circulation in Europe. This coin might still be popular because of the Swiss reputation of being a very financially sound country. Its history, design and value have great significance in this culture.

The history of the Swiss Gold Franc began in 1798 when francs were first produced, although the Swiss Gold Franc did not begin to be produced until 1879. Francs made of silver; copper and nickel were all made. All franc coins are now minted at the Swiss National Mint. It is also known as the Swiss Miss,  or Helvetia Head, which makes reference to the Helvetic Republic, a region where the coin was originally designed. Today, this currency is popular worldwide to collectors.

This coin has a remarkable design. The front of the coin has an engraved portrait of the Swiss Miss, a Swiss woman, with the mountain range, the Alps, covered with snow in the background. The word Helvetia also appears on this side of the coin that represents where it was minted as well as the people. On the other side, shows a Swiss cross as well as an oak branch tied with ribbons. It is about the size of a nickel, or about 21mm, in United States currency. It is a beautiful coin, often considered to be the most beautiful ever minted. This might explain its continued popularity in gold coin collecting.

This coin is made of .1867 ounces of gold and because of the country’s long standing success; the Swiss Franc is very desirable. Today, it sells for over $300 in United States currency. Originally this coin was valued at 20 Francs. In around 1950, this would equal around $100. It is obvious that its worth has continued to grow. This coin is truly an asset to any gold coin collector’s collection.

Although there are many sought after coins produced from many different regions of the world, The Swiss Franc is one of the most famous. This coin that is made up of 90% gold and hand minted would definitely be an asset to any collector because of its design, history and value.


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